When the Praise of People Becomes Your Highest Goal

“Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.”…. (2 Corinthians 10:17).

I spend a lot of time, in my head, boasting about myself. It’s there, inside my own mind, that I am the very best and most commendable of all God’s children. In my own sinfulness, I am hoping the people of God reciprocate back to me my own self- aggrandizement.
It’s easy to get our focus off of God and onto ourselves. God gives us gifts, for they are many, and we are quick to praise ourselves instead of Him. Every good and perfect gift is from above. Therefore, we must remember that the praise of our heart must always be in check. We must be careful, as we live, that our own hearts are not held captive by pride and the praise of man.
We live in a world where a platform, albeit big or small, is always at our fingertips. The praise and adoration of man are always knocking. Our hearts and minds get wrapped up in how many likes or comments we get. I have noticed within my own self this unhealthy pattern of seeking the approval of others via a platform on social media.
Our bodies are but vessels for the Lord to accomplish His work. They are not vehicles of self-promotion and self-directed praise. As easy as that is for me to say, it is a battle I fight with the Lord because I want to be seen as someone special. Man’s approval makes me feel valuable and worthy. Sadly, my misdirected approval leads me down paths where I can never fully be satisfied, because so and so didn’t like this or that or so and so made a cutting comment. Therefore, I must not have really been accomplishing anything for God.
I am learning that the best place I can find my head is bowed down low with my heart held in the hands of God. He sees me, and He loves me. Truly, that is enough for me. It’s His approval spelled out in my heart, that says, quite simply, “Heather, don’t you see, I’m growing you, not in who you can be to others, but who you are in me.”
Lord, you are so great. There is no one like you, why do I try to compare with your greatness? Why do I want the praise of others believing that validates me in your kingdom? Jesus, be my eternal joy. Today, I will rest in simply being your child. I love you, daddy, thank you for loving me.

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