I Will Be Satisfied

I will be satisfied …(Psalm 17:15)

It doesn’t take long for my heart to grow weary and discontent, lacking the true joy and contentment of the Lord Jesus. Temporal things try to steal my heart. They seek to destroy my soul and keep me from persevering in my faith.
Yet, there is a healer I know that I call Savior and friend. In His love, I am deeply satisfied. I have found Him to be the greatest joy in all the world. He is light, love and truth.
There is a word on my tongue that wants to sing in my heart today, it is, “I will be satisfied.” This is a truth that comes from the heart of God into my life. It’s His bounty of love and goodness that can fill my heart through the Holy Spirit. It’s His joy, victory, and sustenance that let me know that I lack no good thing. Truly, I am satisfied in Him.
When my heart wanders and starts to believe that I need someone external to be satisfied I will always be left wanting. No amount of money, experience, vacation, relationship or promotion will give me the satisfaction that is found in simply being God’s child.
I remember as a child how I used to burrow up into my daddy’s lap. It was some of my favorite moments, to sit with him and simply be held. This is what our heavenly Father longs to do for us, to hold us in His embrace, reminding us that in His love, we can be satisfied.
Jesus, you are enough. Today, I have everything I need. I lack no good thing. You are a mighty God. Satisfy me today Jesus that I might simply be held in your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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