You Are Never Alone

you will not let your holy one see decay…..(Acts 2:27).

Our lives with Jesus, even in their darkest moments are not meant for our destruction and decay, but for our blessing and bounty. God will never let us be abandoned to the grave where we must stay there and waste away. Truly, at times it feels as if He’s let go of us and fed us to the wolves, but I can assure you that the season you’re walking through is not for your undoing, but for making you new.

It’s there, in the grave that God’s love meets us, breathing new life into our souls for the purpose of calling us out of the grave as new people. Things like bitterness, anger, and resentment eat away at our faith, keeping us stuck in the grave. We will never experience God’s resurrection if our attitude does not join with His grace.

We were made to experience the fullness of God’s joy, found only in Jesus. As we live in the joy of the Lord, we experience freedom from the things that tried to destroy our faith. When we do pass physically from this earth our bodies will be made perfect upon the Lord’s return. Never will we be left alone. Truly, if we are willing to trust in God’s plan, we will always be experiencing His resurrection.


Abba, daddy, you are making me new. You will never leave me. Even in this life, when life seems unfair and I don’t understand what you’re taking me through, I have you. I have the joy of Jesus. I can trust that you are working all things for your good. You are so faithful and I love you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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