When it Feels Like Life is Trying to Destroy You, God is Working for Your Good

Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather.”…. (Luke 17:37).

There is no resurrection life for those who have found their worth in building their own kingdom. Truly, God takes the lowly and despised of this world and makes them champions for His namesake. There is no grave that can hold them and there is no plan of the enemy that can prosper against those that hold fast to the risen Lord.
There is no dead body for the vultures to feast upon for those who are truly made alive in the risen Lord. For they are overcomers, true champions and victors through the cross of Christ. Whatever the enemy has set out to use to destroy us, God will use to redeem. That’s just who He is. The cross was meant for death and Jesus used it to bring life.
Therefore, it may feel like the season that you’re walking through right now is for your destruction, but truly, it is for your resurrection. God is working in the unseen. He’s growing the seeds that have been planted in your heart through faith. At the proper time, God will bring rain upon the fields of your heart to usher in His fruit. Fruit that is lasting. Fruit that is full of love and grace for others. Fruit that feeds lost souls for the Kingdom of God.
Abba, daddy, you love me. Truly, this love of yours is enough for me. I may not have what I want, far from it, but you have given me my daily manna for today. You are a great and mighty King. I can trust your heart because I know that you are good, in Jesus name, Amen.

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