You are Not a Dissapointment ​

When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done….(Luke 9:10).
You are not a disappointment to Jesus. Nor are you a failure in His eyes. I have felt that way before. Like Jesus and everyone around me sees me as a total disappointment.
There’s this journey that God is taking me on, deep into my heart to uproot lies and set me free from things that have created deep bondage in my life. I am no longer a slave to sin, but one of righteousness. Along the journey of letting go and being made new, the devil will whisper lies into our hearts that attempt to destroy our newness in Christ. Sometimes the process God takes us through of becoming like Him means that we become small in the eyes of the world. It means that we have no stage or place to shine for Him because we are being taken through a process of refinement. We are not failures or disappointments. Truly, we are the beloved of God.
There is a lie in our world that tries to convince us that brokenness or hardship is the reflection of a failure. Yet, I am finding that brokenness and hardship is the reflection of a champion who is being made new in Christ. It is the devil’s work to destroy, to lie and convince us that we must remain a slave to something. Whether it’s control, fear, failure or disappointment. Yet, we can be reminded God is always working in us for our good. With His hammer is also His hand. He works and chisels away the old self, and His love is there with us.
Not where you’d hope you’d be in life? Don’t have what you thought you would? Had a couple of setbacks? Don’t see those as disappointments that define who you are, but let them propel you forward on the mission God has for you. Be reminded that His love is for you. He is working all things out in your life for the purpose of making you new.
Lord, I am a new creation. I am no longer a slave. What a wonderful truth. The devil wants to destroy. I am not a disappointment, I am the beloved of God. I will walk forward in freedom today.

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