Stand Firm….in Your Thoughts

Resist him, standing firm in the faith,…(1 Peter 5:9).
Sometimes my thoughts try to carry me away to places like this,
“These people don’t value me.”
“This person doesn’t care about me.”
“Why have that conversation? It won’t do any good. That person is disrespectful, they won’t listen to me.”
“My life would be so much better if….”
Those thoughts lead to disunity and destruction. They keep people, especially believers from growing together in love, grace, and forgiveness. They divide the church and relationships because they are thoughts sent from the father of lies himself, Satan. To our own destruction, these thoughts are purely selfish. I’m also recognizing in my own heart that thoughts like these are rooted in fear too.
Much of the Christian life is learning about how to stand firm, not just with our bodies, but with our thoughts as well. As the devil whispers a lie, we cannot allow our thoughts to follow the line that he has cast for us. We must take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ. We must grow spiritually strong in our minds so that we can grow spiritually strong in our faith and our witness of Jesus.
One of the most unifying things a Christan can do for the gospel is learn how to die to their own selfish thoughts and motivations. Sometimes, what keeps me stuck the most is caring so much about myself that I take personal offense over how I feel like people don’t ask about me or reach out to me enough. Yet, in my own selfish heart, I neglect to do the same for them. Oh Lord, forgive me.
The building up of our faith begins when we learn to take captive every thought, die to ourselves and raise up Christ. As we exalt Him and value others more than ourselves, we see the beauty of Christ on display that springs from our hearts. No weapon can be formed against us because we have the weapons of warfare to overcome the tactics of the evil one. For we have the mind of Christ.
Lord, may my thoughts and heart be centered on you. Jesus, be my joy. I pray that my thoughts might be pleasing to you. I want the world to see you in me. I want them to experience your love through me, but sometimes, I make life all about me. Forgive me for being so selfish. Change me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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