Stop Looking Back, Start Walking Forward

You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary…. (Revelation 2:3).

Sometimes my heart feels heavy and weary. I am realizing the reason why it feels this way. You see, for those who persevere and don’t grow weary, they no longer carry what happened in the past. They’ve learned to let it go, but the more we keep looking in the past, the longer the weight of it presses down on us and causes us to become weary.
If we want to be free, we have to stop looking back and start looking forward. We must, myself included, look forward to our freedom, setting our eyes on our redemption and the new thing we’re believing God, in faith, to do.
There are so many themes I see in Scripture that I am claiming for my life. Themes of redemption, resurrection, and renewal, but sometimes the stench of the past wants to pull me down into the grave of hurt, pain, and unbelief. Today, I’m choosing to let go. Then tomorrow, I’ll have to choose to let go again. A one-time release to God doesn’t always cut it, freedom comes as we persevere.
Some hurt is more recent than others- let it go. Jesus beckons us to forgive. Our problem is that we hang on to hurts. We must be willing to place our pain, hurt, rejection and disappointment in God’s hands. Only then can He reshape it with His love. Only then can He redeem it for His glory.
Lord, sometimes I keep looking back, please forgive me. Thank you for the new thing you’re going to do. I believe in faith that you can right all wrongs, you can make all things new and that you will redeem, restore and renew all things the enemy tried to use against me in my life. Today, I release any hurt, pain or disappointment caused by others to me. I believe in faith for their personal victories. I know that you can take dead things and bring them back to life, so today I claim resurrection power over my life and my loved ones. Lord, this journey is hard, but you are so good. Shower me with your love, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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