Queen Esther: Display God’s Greatness

Queen Esther….(Esther 2:22)

One could say it was her beauty that made Esther the queen.  After all, it was why the King chose her.  She was said to be the most beautiful of all the women that were brought before the King.  Yet, I don’t believe it was her beauty that made her Queen.  I believe, it was her God.  Yes, God used Esther’s beauty as an instrument to be played for His glory before the King, but you see, it wasn’t Esther’s beauty that was her greatest quality. It was her submission to God.

God endows us all with gifts.  Some can sing, write, dance, grow, share, care and speak.  Others can sew, work, help, make and pray.  All of us, have been given gifts from God.  You see, all Esther did was put her beauty on display and God used it.  All of us have something from God that is meant for the purpose of displaying His greatness in how He has specifically made us.


When someone is living in the Spirit there’s no need to try and convince others of how God has made you. Truly, a man or woman living in the Spirit needs only to display what God has made in them.  A demonstration of Spirits power comes not at our trying harder, but in our simple submission to live as God has made us.

This seems simple doesn’t, but what gets in the way?  Things like jealousy, pride and insecurity.  Some of us don’t shine our gifts for God, because our insecurity tells us we are a mistake in God’s creation.  Sadly, many do not display the greatness of God, because they see only the bad within themselves.  Others think far too highly of themselves and so the purpose of their lives becomes to be known as someone great.  They display their gifts, not to bring glory to God, but purely for the advancement of their own ego.  Others can’t display their gifts, because they are terribly jealous of the gifts of others.  They can’t celebrate the body of Christ, because they want the gifts of everyone else.

A life of beauty is what God desires for all of us.  Truly, He has given us His Son.  He has filled us with His love.  There’s something unique about how you and I are made that is meant for the purpose of advancing His kingdom.  When we live in this way God will put us on display so that others can taste and see that He is good. 

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