Put on Your Royal Robes, For the Saving of Many Lives

Esther put on her royal robes…(Esther 5:1)

Esther was a woman of courage. She took her place in God’s divine story and acted on behalf of her people as she trusted in God. Esther took a great risk, but her risk was quite simply putting her faith into action.
We can spend our whole lives questioning whether or not we should do this or that, but if we walk by faith, we can be certain that God’s grace meets us in the places of our need. When Esther was called to rise up, she first laid low and placed herself in God’s hands. She called the people to fast and for three days, they fasted together in prayer. After being filled with the Lord’s power, Esther now rises up and goes before the King. She put on her royal robes, for truly, this is who she was as a daughter of God.
There are many of us who have heard the call of God to rise up, but we let fear creep in and we have delayed in going for God. It could be that God has called us to simply love our neighbor, but fear has told us to remain silent. Yet, if Esther would have remained silent, she and her people would have perished and so will your neighbor without the love and forgiveness of God found in Jesus Christ.
Esther understood that as she dressed herself that morning there was something bigger at stake than just the preservation of her own life. She laid down hers so that others could be saved. Our lives as Christ’s followers should be directed by the same kind of loving devotion for our fellow man. I fall short of this on a daily basis because the person I’m most often concerned about is me, but I want to be brave like Esther for the saving of many lives and for the great glory of God.
Lord, we want to be courageous like Esther, but we are people who live in fear. We neglect to trust you because we have listened to the wrong voices. Forgive us, Father, we want to be courageous people who live valiantly for you. Use your lives, we pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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