Know Your Enemy and Fight the Right Way

and in battle from the stroke of the sword…. (Job 5:20).
This morning I pictured myself in front of the devil. At first, he stood before me with fiery red horns, a pitchfork, the whole nine yards, but knowing that’s not what the devil looks like I asked the Lord to show me where he’s been showing up in my life. All of the sudden I started to see those things that have been trying to steal my heart away, attempting to woo me into sin. I started to see people, people who are not the devil, but who the devil is using to pull my heart away. Yesterday, part of me took his bait and I started to follow a trail that I knew would lead me towards utter destruction, so I stopped my thought, repented and prayed for grace.
We must remember that people are not the problem. We very well can be used of the devil too if we are not careful. Truly, he masquerades around as an angel of light. The devil is crafty. He knows what buttons to push in us. Therefore, we must always be on our guard, aware of our spiritual surroundings so that we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes.
If someone has hurt us or has been an instrument used to draw us into sin, we need not pray against that person, we must pray against the devil whose plan is to bring destruction upon our very lives. The Lord will protect us, we need not fear. In the midst of life’s darkest battles, He will usher victory into our lives if we allow Him to fight for us.
I’ve never been much of a fighter, by all accounts I tend to be someone who likes to keep the peace, but I am realizing that there is no peace to be kept with the devil, for He desires none of it. He is an enemy that must be done away with, I cannot entertain the thought of allowing him any time or space to dine at the table of my thought life.
Thankfully, for those that trust in God, they have the victory. Victory that turns back what the enemy tried to use to destroy your life back on his head. When I was a teenager he tried to destroy me with words of, “you are ugly, worthless and will never amount to anything.” Now, as I have been walking with God, clinging to His love, the Lord has taken those words and used them against the devil.
I’m living proof that God can take the messages the devil speaks into our lives and flip them for His glory. This is why I am so confident that God will restore, redeem and make all things right over what the enemy has tried to destroy in my life. The enemy will not have His way, because you and I wear the victors crown, in Jesus name. There is hope, your story isn’t over yet, don’t give into the lies, but let God flip them in your life so that you can live in His power, for His namesake, in Jesus name!
Lord, I know that the devil is crafty. May I be spiritually aware before him, ready with your weapons of warfare. I don’t want to give into his lies. I want to live in your love and truth. Abba, I trust and know that you are working ALL things our in my life for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen!

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