God is Not Punishing You Because Life Didn’t Turn Out How You Had Hoped

May your word to me be fulfilled…(Luke 1:38)
True heroes don’t always get what they want, but they receive with joy what God has for them.
Kind of like the married couple who prays earnestly for a child receives one, and then finds out their child has a disability.
The man who prays for success in work gets the job of his dreams, but then gets injured and is unable to work.
The single adult who prays for a spouse, but they’re still single.
The parent who prays with great hope and expectation for their child, only to have that child want nothing to do with them later in life.
You name it, we all have things happen in life that is devastating. The loss of something, whether it be a relationship, dream or job can be so painful. We’ve all faced something that we had hoped for, but didn’t turn out the way we wanted.
As Mary stood before the Angel Gabriel, she received with joy what God would give her. I’m sure as a young, engaged woman, Mary wasn’t dreaming of becoming pregnant by the power of God, before her wedding day to Joseph. In fact, the news of her pregnancy throws Joseph into a tailspin. He determines to end the engagement, but God speaks to Him and encourages Joseph to receive a different kind of blessing than what he was anticipating. You see, Mary was still a virgin, but do you think the people of Nazareth were going to believe them? Some, but not all, I”m sure. Mary and Joseph had to set aside what they saw as the best blessing, to receive with joy what God’s gift for them was.
I know its hard, what you’re going through, but God isn’t punishing you. The child, the loss, the waiting is not because you’ve done something wrong. There’s something bigger you can’t see right now that God is working out. There’s greater glory at stake and its often for the growth of our own hearts. I don’t have an answer to your pain, but I do know that a blessing awaits those who receive with joy what God has for them.
The Lord spoke something into my Spirit nearly a year ago. He said, “Heather, there is great gain in letting go.” As I let go, I’ll be honest, my life became filled not with what I would consider gain, but instead with pain. Dealing with the pain of letting go and learning to embrace a new blessing is still the place where I live sometimes. Yet, I am seeing that through the pain what I have gained is Christ and a deeper understanding of who He is and His love for me.
Remember, true heroes don’t always get what they want, but they receive with joy what God has for them. Today, I want to live in the fullness of that joy, knowing that my Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture and although I do not understand, I can trust that my Father loves me and is for me.
Lord, sometimes the only thing I see is what I don’t have, please forgive me. I want to be like Mary who received with joy what you had promised. Even though it brought her great pain, she endured. I want to live with such courage for your namesake. Jesus, please be my eternal joy, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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