When The Devil Makes You His Target

…he was filled with rage against Mordecai…. (Esther 5:9).

Sometimes the devil is filled with rage towards us. It’s part of his nature to target those who stand strong for God. In the biblical story of Esther, commentators liken Haman to the devil. His hatred of the Jews and desire to annihilate them show that his heart is bent on absolute and pure evil. His fury only rages even more because Mordecai does not bow down before him.
The devil gets angry when we stop bowing down to him as well. When we give up paying homage to fear, control, anxiety, pride, lust, and divisiveness he goes into a state of absolute fury against us. We then become his target. We need not fear that, for truly, we wear the victors crown, but we certainly need to be ready.
It angers me that the devil has made me one of his targets, but I know that as I hold fast in faith, not bowing down to him in order to stop the persecution, but abiding in my Lord, that I wear the victors crown. Haman was eventually hung on the gallows that he has prepared for Mordecai and the devil will be hung in a similar manner if we choose to hold fast to the Lord Jesus.
The devil wins when we lay down our weapons and give up the fight. When we become weary, anxious and fearful it’s far too easy to slip onto a bended knee before him. This is why we need the supernatural power of God alive in us. The power of the risen Christ within us that fights our battles with us and for us. As we rest with God, submitting our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards Jesus, we rise from the ashes and start standing from with the risen Christ in our victory.
If you’re going through a season of persecution know that you have the victory in Christ and that with Him you are an overcomer. Praise God that nothing the devils throws at your can or will destroy you. Truly, Jesus takes dead things and restores them back to the fullness of life. For those who hold fast in His love, He has a new song He’s writing in their hearts. One that sings out to the devil t that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
Lord, I am your beloved. Although the devil rages against me I choose to abide in your love. I don’t always do this perfectly. In fact, sometimes I do bow down to him, but today I will stand firm. I want to stand firm. I want to be free from His lies. I will not fear for you are with me and you fight my battles, in Jesus name, Amen.

7 thoughts on “When The Devil Makes You His Target

  1. This morning I was praying, I focused on the end of Ephesians 1 where His power is given to believers, and then power is described as the raising the dead power. I thought it was interesting in my meditation, but then God spoke to me and said I write a new song in you. I thought that was interesting, but I tabled it because I didn’t know what to do with it. Hours later my mind was feeling beat up, and, after some time, I’m reading the blog and all the pieces are there. Maybe not the same word but enough for me to know God is speaking and its the time to stand strong and confident instead of getting beat up. thanks

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  2. Absolutely he targets us like a wolf in circles it’s prey, waiting for us to bend or break so he can leap on us and devour its prey. He is very cunning and bent on totally destroying us. He wants “desperately “ for us to give up and quit the race, but he underestimates Gods people, when they don’t heed to his demands, he backs off for a season, and leaves with head tucked tween his legs. With his cohart of demons following behind him.” thow he slay me yet I will serve him”

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  3. This concept is what I believe is happening within our country (US) right now. Satan is fighting for the preeminence he had under our previous president and we are seeing all out war right now. As Christians we cannot get caught up in this, but should pray and trust God through the storm. Great post. Thanks!

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  4. Heather, nice reminder that we all are walking through the same struggles. Recently, I watched as someone I respect said he’s considering walking away from a ministry that we’re engaged in because of discouragement. So many ways the enemy can strike. BTW, like you, I hate it when I become the devil’s target, but I’m more concerned when I don’t hear from him! He’s the Lord’s useful idiot to let us know we’re on the right track! Blessings, Ward

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  5. Yes, Ward he is “ever present” to destroy our faith and our joy. ( which is our strength.) like a boxer, as his opponent, keeps knocking him down until he can’t get up again. Then he’s won, but thank-God for the Holy Spirit, like the trainer in the boxing arena, he incourages his man to get back up , your gonna win this fight. Don’t give up, this fight is not over yet!!!


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