Close To the Father’s Side

and show him my salvation….(Ps 91:16).

I remember as a child how I loved being close to my daddy. I always felt safe and protected with my father. He was someone that I trusted and someone who taught me so much about life. It was in those times when I was side by side with my father, close to his heart, that he taught me about what matters most.
Our Heavenly Father longs for us to experience true fellowship with Him too. To be close to His side, to walk hand in hand with Him so that He might show us His joy. Not only does He protect us there as we abide with Him, under the shadow of His wings, but He feeds and cares for us too. He nourishes our souls and quiets our hearts when we are close to His side.
As a child, whenever I became afraid, I would run towards thoughts and feelings that I did not tell my father about. Had I told him, I know he would have spoken life-giving truth into my little soul. Even now, as an adult, to hear my father’s voice brings me great joy and peace. We too need the truth of the Father speaking into our hearts. As we share our burdens with Him He quiets our hearts and gives us His peace.
There is great joy in our relationship with God if we would learn to walk with Him in such close fellowship that we experience the warmth of His embrace and the closeness of His love. Truly, under our Father’s wings, we are safe, protected, loved and cherished.
Lord, thank you for your love for me. I want to stay so close to you that all my fears are washed away, because of the sound of your voice and the warmth of your love surrounding me. Thank you for staying by my side and caring for me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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