Are Your Motivations Pure? Mine Aren’t Always….

 All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD….(Proverbs 16:2).

Yesterday a dear friend asked me a difficult question. It was a simple question, but the heart of it was to challenge me to explore my motivations for why I did certain things. As I sat on the question, my initial response was that there was nothing prideful driving my decision on the matter, but the more I thought about his question later in the day I realized that, if I could be honest, nearly every decision that I make comes with a mixed bag of pure intentions and pride.
I can go in with the very best intentions of the heart, while at the same time, be plagued by a voice that says, “You’re really great, Heather. Seriously, you are really something.” or “Man’s approval is good, ” or “This isn’t of any value unless so and so approves.”
This is the daily battle that we fight as Christians. None of us are exempt from it. I have noticed in my heart that there is an idol there, she is my favorite idol to worship and her name is Heather. Yet, I long for my identity, worth and value to be in Christ alone. I often feel like a wrestler, in a battle against the old self that wishes to be worshipped for her own grandeur.
I am learning the value of humility, truly, this will be a journey I will walk for the rest of my life. Learning how to die to myself, and be made new in the attitude of my mind will be essential for my growth as a Christian.
But, how do we do this? We must always come before God knowing that really, in all honesty, we’re probably entertaining some lie or are being plagued by one. We must be humble enough to admit that the majority of our best thoughts are not centered on the things of God. At least, they aren’t always for me. I want them to be, so I’ll keep fighting, and wrestling with the old self, letting her go to take up Christ and His grace for me. Putting on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.
I’ll fight with all my might to take captive every thought and weigh it out before the Lord of glory. Knowing that I have the victory. Understanding that as I immerse myself in the word, I can have joy knowing that the word of God is writing a new song in my heart, guiding me along streams of righteousness for God’s great glory and for my own personal growth.
Lord, I have a long way to go, but I am desperate to be like you. I long to be so immersed in you that I start to think, act and live differently. Jesus, I surrender my thoughts, intentions, and pride to you today, knowing that you are making me new, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Are Your Motivations Pure? Mine Aren’t Always….

  1. Absolutely no one is where we ought to be. We are all “ works in progression”. One day at a time, it’s ok to ask for his grace and mercy, sometimes all thru the day. Sometimes I just cry “HELP” sometimes, actually “ most of the time”. We weren’t designed to make it on our own or the lord would not have given us the comforter, he knows were not capable of living this live alone. I so pray for the ones that do think they can make it on thier own. They are playing self destructive games. So sad, but ultimately thier choice.😟

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