Why I Give More Power to People Than God

Fear of man will prove to be a snare…(Proverbs 29:25).

I give way too much power to people. There are different moments and seasons in life when my heart becomes worried by how someone will react or what they will do, so I’ll stew over the possible results, believing that somehow the end result lays within their hands. This is idol worship at its worst. It is dethroning God from His rightful place of King over all the universe and master of my life.
In my own worry, I have made God into some puny being that lives inside of the world of human limitations. It is wrong to believe that somehow God will be thwarted by human beings and man’s propensity to sin. Sometimes, in my distorted view of God, I give too much power to humans, because I believe their sin is somehow stopping God from His plan for my life.
Although sin, albeit, our own or someone else’s can certainly throw a wrench in the equation and take us down a path we did not anticipate this does not mean that God is now confused on what to do with our lives. Truly, His is sovereign over all creation, trustworthy, reliable and good. We can worship Him because He is God, we can bow to Him because He is Lord and we can serve Him because He is mighty. Sadly though, instead, I often wrestle in my heart to not give in to worry, feelings of defeat and discouragement. There in the bottom of my heart, I long for it to beat for Jesus, but sometimes, it’s bowing to human beings instead. Seeking their approval, waiting for them to propel me down the direction I hope to take and carving the path for me I want to traverse.
Again, this is idol worship at its worst. A misunderstanding of God’s character. A wrong view of Him that only thrust my heart into deep waters where I cry out, “but Lord, what if I drown?!?!” Then I hear the master say, “Oh you, of little faith, why did you doubt?”
Lord, I long to be so close to your heart that I trust so much in your name that I hear no other voices but yours. Abba, daddy, I need your grace. I will not give way to anxiety or fear today, for I know that you are sovereign and that you are good. I place all of my life in your hands. I release control of my life and place it in your Lordship today, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Why I Give More Power to People Than God

  1. I’ve spent many years putting my trust in people and not in God. And now, God has me in a season where I have no choice but to trust Him for everything. Some days it get’s hard letting go and trusting but I just keep reminding myself….God is bigger than all my worries and situations….


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