A Lowly King, My Own Self-Righteous Heart and the Invitation of God

“If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is”…. (Luke 7:39).

As Jesus was dining at the house of a Pharisee, (a deeply religious, devout Jew) a sinful woman enters into the home. Had Jesus lived His life as just another pious Jew this woman would have never known that she could even approach Jesus, but truly, long before this, Jesus made His own-self lowly so that others would know they could enter into His presence and be received by His love.
Jesus never rejects the poor or the despised. He always welcomes them. He only rebukes those whose faith has become more about a demonstration or a show than a realization of who God is. After all, once we have a right view of God, we see that truly, we too are lowly. Thankfully, He is not a King who despises the lowly, but instead, He is a King who became like one of them.
There is an invitation that our faith should extend to others. It is an invitation that says, “I am just like you, now let us come to the Healer and be made well. Let us find our rest and eternal delight in His love that dances over us. Let us, together, in all our messiness be refreshed in His love.”
Years ago, I too was a Pharisee, putting my faith on display for others to see so that I could be praised. Therefore, I ignored the lowly. I dismissed them and they plight because I had no time to climb into their pit on my way to the top. After a good rebuking from some dear friends, I came to understand that I had my own pit of brokenness.
Thankfully, thanks to their loving rebuke, still, to this day, I have an understanding that my life is no different than the broken teenager down the street who cuts herself. The man who just recently lost his job and the mom who struggles with addiction. We are all in desperate need of the love of God. When I exalt myself, I make Jesus into some ideal that makes Him unattractive and difficult to grasp for those I believe are lower than me. I don’t have to say it with words, I only have to show them through my own self-righteousness that they are too lowly for the King of Kings. Yet, Jesus is not for the spiritual elite. He is for the spiritually broken who know and understand that only He can take their lives and make them brand new according to His love.
Lord, let my life be lived for others to see that they are welcome to come and be changed by your love. I too am a broken sinner, saved by grace who daily needs your love to fill my heart and mind. Jesus, be my eternal joy. Be my hope and my purpose in this life. For truly, all I have is you. Let my heart rejoice and be glad that you made yourself lowly so that someone like me could come to you and be changed by your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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