Your Busy Life is Only Wearing You Out

She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet… (Luke 10:39).
Life gets busy, doesn’t it? Sometimes even chaotic as we dart from one thing to the next, trying with all our might to muster up the energy needed to run from one activity to the next. We expend labor for God, running at high speed, but not stopping to pause and listen to the Lord. We cannot hear Him in the storms or see Him in the valley’s because we’re too busy trying to fix the problems in our journey or work hard for Him to make ourselves acceptable to others that the thought of slowing down actually scares us. Because if we slow down we might lose control, so we keep running, trying to control our lives, but only wearing ourselves out along the way.
As Jesus came to Bethany he stayed at Martha’s house and her sister Mary was there too. Martha busy’s herself with preparations while Mary simply sits at the Lord’s feet. It’s interesting that Jesus doesn’t tell Martha she has chosen something bad, but that He says, “Mary has chosen what is better.”
On this journey God has been taking me on I am learning that my most powerful position is not when I’m running, doing great things for God, but when I’m seated before my father, being encouraged by His love and saturated in His truth.
Stop running so much, it’s only hurting you. Set aside time with your Father. Make rest and quietness before Him a priority in your life. For truly, in doing so, you will find that you are indeed choosing what is better.
Lord, be the joy of my heart. You are better than anything this world can offer. You are a great and mighty God. I have all I need in you. Be my joy, hope, peace, and purpose. I long to rest in your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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