When God Starts To Take Things Away

he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder…. (Luke 11:22).

I used to be really big into lifting weights. Honestly, the reason for it wasn’t because it was a hobby so much as it was something that I used to control my fear. Sadly, a lot of our hobbies are just that, tools that we use to comfort our anxiety, worry, and insecurity.
God has been taking me on this journey where He’s been stripping me of the things I trusted in. In fact, I can even see that in this present moment there are things that I am placing too much trust in that I need to release to the Lord Jesus. Things like money and my own abilities.
If you’ve ever prayed for God to make you more like Jesus, don’t be surprised when some things in your life start to fall away. Chances are, you found some kind of false hope in them. Now, God is trying to strip away from you. Possibly a false sense of worth or identity, maybe a false sense of security or hope.
I am learning that a heart at rest, through the test, will find God’s very best. That is His love. God’s peace is found as we let go of our need to be in control, have all the answers and know all the outcomes. It’s found when we learn to abide in the Father. Resting in who He says we are, found only in His word.
As my heart has grown in delight, the voices of worry, anxiety, fear, and control have started to slow down in my life. I’ve started to see them for what they are and call them out for their destruction. As we replace those lies with God’s truth, we find ourselves not in the places or things we’ve trusted in, but in the person who is trustworthy. In His arms, we are safe. He is for us and we can certainly sit quietly with Him, knowing that He is a mighty God who is working all things for our good and for HIs great glory, in Jesus name.
Father, you are so good. Why would I ever doubt you? Why would I ever believe that you are not faithful and trustworthy? I’m done trusting in my own abilities. I”m placing everything I have in you, in Jesus name, Amen.

One thought on “When God Starts To Take Things Away

  1. there’s an angelic radio channel, and whatever station you are on, I seem to be on as well. Thanks for the share.. It’s good to hear things directly from God, but when its recited by someone else with their experiences and their emotion, it just makes the personal journey comforting and reassured and it drives in the points that are sometimes hard to stick too.

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