How Can I Know What God Wants Me To Do?

he was pleased with her and held out to her the gold scepter that was in his hand….(Esther 5:2).

Have you ever wondered if God was behind a decision you’re about to make? I have. We vacillate between action and indecisiveness. Wondering what God wants from us and when.
I cannot help but see in the Scriptures a theme that runs like a river throughout its pages. Some themes in the Bible take a little more time to unravel because we aren’t always looking for God’s heart. We’re just looking for an answer.
As I see God’s heart in the Scriptures certain themes arise. Themes of redemption, restoration, strength, and victory for those who walk by faith. I see blessing and encouragement given to those who walk in obedience. I see favor extended to the humble and mercy and grace for the lowly of heart. Then, I see pride being something God abhors and opposes. Thus, the proud are often falling and failing in the end.
Perseverance through suffering is a necessary virtue for everyone who wants to follow Jesus. So if you’re sitting here thinking today, what does God want me to do? I think its quite possible you’re asking the wrong question.
First, we must ask, who is God? Then, we must ask, what does He desire? What is his heart? If I seek God only for answers, I may very well get them, but I will never even begin to scratch the surface of understanding why He does things if I do not pursue His heart. If I do not see Him in light of the entirety of Scripture I will see Him as unfair and unjust to me. Yet, If I’m willing to trust His heart for me and pursue that above all else I will be able to see with fresh eyes that He is truly for me.
As Esther went before King Xerxes, it wasn’t that she had an answer from God that she would be safe. However, Esther knew that God loved the Jewish people. She knew that a promise had been made to them that they would be God’s people. Therefore, I believe Esther acted with courage because she knew and understood something about the heart of God. Now, God didn’t have to protect Esther as He did. He could have brought deliverance from somewhere else.
Esther’s faith was not in something she hoped would happen, it was in a person she knew. We spend so much time hoping God will meet our desires when we never stopped to pause and try to understand Him and His heart. He is a good, loving Father who delights in giving good gifts to His children. We can rest in knowing that the greatest thing we will ever receive from God is not the promotion, the car or the _________, but it is quite simply the blessing of knowing Him as our good, loving Father.
As we rest in the Father’s love, the peace of His heart encompasses ours. We can walk by faith and with courage as we allow the Father’s love to be what guides us. The words of Scripture come alive our hearts as we sit in silence with our Father. Now, we can walk forward in faith, because our Father is carrying us on to the next step. We need not fear what tomorrow brings, because if we abide in our Father’s love, we have joy and peace.
Lord, I entrust my whole heart to you. I long to know you and your heart. I can rest in your love. Sometimes I flee and run into the arms of fear or pride. Father, forgive me. I want to abide with you today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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