Messy Thoughts That Push People Away

in all his thoughts there is no room for God…. (Psalm 10:4).

Sometimes my car gets a bit messy, full of things that I need, some things I don’t need and maybe a couple of other things that I have no actual use for, except that they have found a resting place in my car. Quite frankly, some of those things just need to go. I need to purge them out and reorganize my car so there’s more room for better things, like people. To be honest, apathy keeps me from doing so, because its not a priority for me. Except of course, when I need it to be, then I’m dashing about, trying to clean as quickly as possible.
My thoughts are a lot like my car. Some thoughts just need to go, others are taking up space and room that are only keeping me from deeper relationships with people, while other thoughts are only making a mess of my life.
My thought life, if not kept in check will really determine the path my life traverses. Sadly, I have found, more often than not, the way my life moves is towards self-directed praise and worship. Leaving little room for other people, because the true captain of my thoughts, is myself.
There are even seasons where the majority of my thoughts of God are not noble, but selfish and doubting. I do not like what God is doing, so my thoughts tend to center around arguing with Him instead of praising Him and believing in His goodness for my life.
When I clean my car out, I love it. It feels more welcoming. It invites others into my space so that they can enjoy fellowship and friendship with me.
Our thoughts need a purging too. As we clean out our impure, negative and ignoble thoughts we make more room for a relationship with God and others. Now, the purpose of my life isn’t tailored towards my own heart, so much as it becomes an invitation for others to join me on life’s journey as we travel towards God. Knowing that this life was never meant to be lived on our own, but to enjoy the fellowship and grace of others, as we esteem them better than ourselves.
Lord, sometimes, my thoughts need a good purging. Forgive me when my thoughts become more about me than you. It happens more than I care to admit. God, I want my thoughts to be about you. Clean me out, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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