When God Delivers, But It’s Not What We Want

they trusted and you delivered them…(Ps 22:4).

I wish God’s timing worked within my timeframe, but unfortunately, it does not. In fact, trusting in the Lord doesn’t mean a perfect life or immediate deliverance. With trust comes perseverance through suffering. For this is the duty of a Christian. To persevere with great joy and give praise to God, even when life feels unfair.
I have noticed, in my own life, there’s something He’s always trying to grow in me while I’m waiting for His deliverance. Honestly, that’s really the deliverance that my life needs most. We want God to deliver us from our known, seen and felt realities, but within our waiting, He’s pruning our hearts so that we might be delivered from fear, insecurity, pride, and rebellion.
I know its hard. I get it. Quite honestly, I don’t really want the deliverance so much from the unseen as I do from my seen circumstances, but this is just because I’m impatient. It’s because I cannot see the growth in my heart, but I can see the physical blessings that my life wants so badly. Yet, the growth of the heart is what our lives need more than the physical realities of our personal demands.
There is a place that God is trying to take me. It is the place in my heart that is locked up in prisons of my own discord and unbelief. Yet, my faith calls me to sit with the master in the comfort of His shade, to simply be held by HIs love, so that He might make my heart anew. Wanting not to be delivered so much from my circumstances, but from the places in my heart that have been held in deep bondage. It’s there, in letting go, that I find the freedom that my heart truly needs. The freedom of letting go and walking in the light of God’s love for a sinner, saved by grace, just like me.
Oh Lord, you have heard my cries, but you do not work on my timeline. You have seen the injustice, and you are working on my behalf. You are changing my heart. I need not fear what tomorrow brings or what today doesn’t give me because I can trust you to supply for all of my needs. You are a faithful, mighty and loving God. I can trust you. You are so good, in Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “When God Delivers, But It’s Not What We Want

  1. I found this identity or calling in life in the prophetic. So when I hear things, I get both passionate and excited. The opposite happens when I don’t hear things…. or when I hear something and interpret or that hearing does not come to pass, it drives me wild with confusion and unbelief. I am trying to rest in the conclusion, that what I hear is less important than who He is. To let go and rest in His Shalom and let that saturate me, rather than me hold on to what is ultimately my wants and beliefs. Anyway, like always thanks for the share, vulnerability, calling.. always appreciated

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  2. Heather — I love the humility and honesty of your meditations. This line especially hit home: “Quite honestly, I don’t really want the deliverance so much from the unseen as I do from my seen circumstances …” I think many of us can relate to that. He is infinite; we are finite. His timeline is eternity; ours is yesterday. God bless. (Also, thank you for including a prayer in your devotions.)

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