Awaken, Holy Spirit

after the ark came to rest there….(1 Ch 6:31).

There is a place where God’s Spirit dwells. It used to be in the tabernacle, and then in the temple. Now He resides within His people. Wow, what a wonderful, life-changing truth. That God’s grace, His love, and goodness all live inside of me.
It is my duty to reflect His image to the world. To be a place of rest for others to come and find the love of Jesus. My heart, my life, and my purpose are simply be found in His love. To commune with Him in places of rest inside my own Spirit where He resides. Truly, He is a good and mighty God. When my life becomes hurried, busy and chaotic, I lack the necessary nutrients to feed the fire of His Spirit lit inside of me.
When God rests inside the soul of an individual whose heart has been awakened by His love the world stops and watches. They become a light for others to see the beauty of God. I long for others to see Christ in me. For them to see the light of His life, love, and truth. I cannot, nor will I ever be a strong witness for Christ, without first becoming a resting place for God to dwell in my heart and mind. He must have all of me. Every part of me so that my heart begins to swell with grace, goodness and unending love.
When I go before God each morning, I must approach Him in reverence and awe, allowing His consuming fire to take residency in my thoughts. Truly, when I allow Him to dwell, and rest in my heart and mind, I can live fully alive. Knowing that, as His child, I can sit quietly in HIs comfort, knowing that I am found, forever free, in His love. I am not defined by performance, or what I can offer to others. I am defined by His character that shines through me by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.
Lord, I long to be your light unto the world. I want others to see Christ in me. I want to be a temple of your love for others to experience your rest. Lord, awaken my heart today to your Holy Spirit. Jesus, be my joy, hope, and peace, Amen.

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