Suffering: Part of Our Destiny

he had in mind to divorce her quietly….(Matt 1:19).
It is so much easier to give up on things when they get hard and start over on life. I’ve been there. Trust me, I understand and know the struggle of wanting to wipe away the present pain, push it away and be free from it all. I know you’ve probably walked a similar journey too.
My sister always says she believes that suffering is part of our destiny. She would be someone who would know. Having heart open surgery at 11 years old, a pacemaker at 27, a miscarriage, and debilitating health problems for over two years, she would understand.
My sister inspires me to not give up, but instead, to persevere in my suffering. I’ve seen her come forth and now she’s shining like a new woman who has been refined through the fire. Her life isn’t perfect, no, but her heart is glowing with the sustaining love of Jesus.
It was Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendago whom God protected in the fire. It was David that God kept from the hand of Saul and it was Jesus whom God resurrected even after He was wrongfully murdered. Why then do we think God will leave us in our suffering if we really let go and entrust it all to Him? Why do we think that He won’t protect us or that He won’t pull through? I’ve had those feelings, the ones that creep in and make you believe that life just feels too long and is one disappointment after another. It’s a longing for heaven, but not in a way that brings glory to God, so much as it is a mental escape from my present pain.
Every painful thing we walk through has a redemptive purpose. That’s just how God operates. The loss, wrong treatment, abuse, and devastating circumstances can all serve a redemptive purpose in our lives if we’d be willing to look not at our present pain, but towards the redemption of the cross. When we fix our eyes on the cross we see that there is something made more beautiful in us as we die. Truly, there on the cross was the most beautiful demonstration of love. There are people watching in our lives to see if God is real, therefore, we must look to the cross and endure pain and suffering, knowing that resurrection is coming.
Loss, grief, sadness, pain, abuse, unjust treatment and abandonment were all things that Jesus walked through and they’ve been part of my story too. Yet, I want to be like my Savior who endured with hope. I want to come forth as gold. Like one who has been refined through the fire. Knowing that it is truly part of our destiny to suffer. Don’t lose heart dear friend, God is working all things together for our good if we would believe with all hope and walk forward in faith.
Lord, you see all and know all. I can trust you. You have seen what was done and what happened. You are redeeming it and have been. I am believing with all hope that you will take that which the devil tried to use to destroy to bring forth hope, healing, and deliverance for so many. Use my story God to bring hope to the hurting. Use my life to be one of transparency that shares your grace with others, in Jesus name, Amen.

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