Your Story Isn’t Over Yet

do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife… (Matt 1:20).
What did it mean for Joseph to take Mary home as his wife? It meant public ridicule and judgment. It meant that Joseph’s integrity as a man would be called into question. Yet, Joseph put his reputation on the line to follow God in obedience.
Can I be really honest? Sometimes I care too much about what people think of me. Especially when my life gets hard or things start happening that are out of my control.
In our own minds, we think that following God should come without hardship, but the story of Joseph and Mary prove to us that before new birth comes, we must learn to die to ourselves, and our need to be praised by man.
God is always trying to conceive something in us. Something brand new for our hearts. Something glorious if we’d be willing to allow Him to lead us down paths that bring us to true and genuine humility.
Two young people in the tiny town of Nazareth said yes to God, even though, for a time, it made their life harder. Thanks to their obedience, you and I are blessed because the Christ child was born to two poor nobodies from Nazareth. Two nobodies became somebody in God’s story because they said yes to God when it meant their life would get harder.
This past year of my life has proved to be my own story of God’s humbling. A time where I said yes to God, making my life much harder. Yet, I know that in my obedience, God is and will continue to pour out His blessing. I want my part in God’s story to be one where I made myself small so that He could make Himself mighty. Sometimes I wrestle with God against this though. I don’t like the dying part. I’d much rather sit on the mountaintop than trudge with God through the valley.
I’m not sure what journey you’re walking right now, but if you’ve been following Jesus for any length of time you have your own story of meeting Jesus at the crossroads where He called you out into deeper waters. The place where He asked you to let go of something or to be made small in the eyes of the world so that others could see Christ in you instead.
I know its painful, trust me, I understand that, but with each story of pain comes a greater purpose and with each purpose comes one of God’s greatest gifts to us in our hardship- His grace. His daily grace for our lives. The sustaining power of HIs love that holds us up and carries into the spacious place of HIs presence that dances over us as we sit with Him in His comfort and delight.
Don’t lose heart today. Know that your story isn’t over yet. It might feel like it, but God is always redeeming and writing a new story for us. It may look much different than it did before you said yes to Him, but it will be the best yes because it’s leading you down the path of His mercy. Thank Him today that He is always redeeming your story. Thank Him that truly, He makes all things, including you, brand new.
Lord, you are so good. May my life be lived in such a way that I would become nothing so that you could become everything. Jesus, be my lasting joy. Be my victory and my delight. Jesus, fill me with your love. I don’t want to fight against you in this present season. It’s just that sometimes I struggle with the waiting. Forgive me for my impatient, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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