What To Do When People Have Let You Down

Wait for the LORD, and he will avenge you….(Proverbs 20:22).

I’m not very good at waiting. In fact, I have a tendency to move very quickly from one thing to the next, dashing about, multi-tasking, and always being on the go. Waiting is not an attribute that comes naturally for me. Waiting is something that I often fight with the Lord against. Especially if I feel like HIs timing doesn’t match up with mine. Even more so if I want His vengeance and it’s not happening the way I would like it to.
I constantly feel, in my heart, this need to release things and let them go. I find myself wishing and wanting things to be different because if I was God, I wouldn’t have done it that way. Quite frankly, I would have removed the pain from all of it. I would have changed the story to reflect a more pristine and comfortable outcome. I would have taken the story and re-written it with a happy, fairytale ending.
Thankfully, God is always at work, writing our story. The problem is that we must allow Him to hold the pen. We must be OK with whatever story He chooses to write for our lives. With every stroke of His pen is the depth of His love for us. Our story isn’t written to ruin us, truly, it is written to renew us.
This has been my usual conversation with God recently, “Ok, what about now God? Ok, how about you do things this way? God, can you please make this thing happen for me?”
Can I be really honest, that I have lost a lot of hope in people, but I have not lost hope in my God. We were never supposed to hope in people, to begin with. People will always disappoint us. I’ll disappoint people too. I’m no superwoman, I’m just a human being who desperately wants to be like Jesus, but doesn’t always get it right. So if you’re hoping that so and so is going to make things happen for you, get you to where you want to be or fill the deep longing of your heart, I would encourage you to take that person or person’s off of that pedestal you’ve placed them on and put your hope and trust in God.
This doesn’t mean we should resent people or lose all of our hope in humanity. It just means we don’t believe that people run the world. God is truly the King of the Universe. When I believe this, it releases a lot of pain in my heart over how I’ve been disappointed by people.
Whatever you’re dealing with today that wants to pull you into a pit, let it go. Remember, God is always writing your story, stop trying to take the pen from His hands and trust Him to make something beautiful out of your life. He is faithful. He is loving and He is kind. He is good.
Lord, I trust you. I have so many things to be thankful for in my life. You hold the pen of my life in your hands. Lord, write a beautiful story. I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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