A Frown, Our Hope When Life Gets Difficult​, and the Light of Christ

it gives light to everyone in the house…(Matt 5:15).
I find myself frowning a lot at work. Mostly because its very hard work and things don’t often go as I would hope. It makes it difficult to maintain and keep a positive attitude when things go awry, making life more challenging. I often wonder what kind of light for Christ I am being in those moments.
I’m not saying we should always be buzzing with a smile, living in overwhelming joy, but what I am saying is that we should be doing it more often. My experiences at work parallel what many of us experience in life on a daily basis. Things don’t go right or as we would have hoped and so instead of living with the joy and peace of Christ, we go about our days frowning in discouragement.
Our circumstances will always be changing, but our joy remains immovable and steadfast if we know the beauty of the Lord Jesus. If we have embraced Him fully, then, we can live in the hope of His name, knowing that no matter what life throws at us we can trust in HIs goodness. We need not frown in discouragement wearing the weight of this present world on our shoulders, but instead, we can freely give up our troubles to take up His joy. We can exchange our frowns for His hope. We can become new people as we persevere in His love.
Light is what draws people in. It invites them into your life to see what lays inside of you -the hope of the gospel. Until we turn that frown upside down and live with the joy of the risen Savior there will be little opportunity to show people what we hold inside. He is a good, faithful Savior. For that, we can be glad. Because of Him, we can rejoice, knowing that yes, we are indeed His light to a world living in darkness.
Lord, I want to shower your love on other people. Sometimes I let my circumstances snuff my light out because I’m stubborn and afraid. I get bogged down by troubles and I forget to smile. I allow my heart to be filled with the worries of this life instead of casting them at your feet. Lord, I want to live in your freedom. I long to be your light unto the world. Use my life to draw people towards the love of God, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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