Yes, God Loves Failures Like You and Me

I will never take my love away from him….(1 Chronicles 17:13).

There’s something about the love of God that I do not understand, or maybe its something that for the first time, I’m starting to understand.
Adam and Eve failed, but God still brought redemption. Abraham and Sarah failed, but God still gave them a child. Moses failed, but God still used him. David and Bathsheba failed, yet God still remained faithful to them. He never stopped loving them. There is something about the unconditional love of God that I am starting to understand and quite frankly, the thought of it is overwhelming. In my own mind, I deserve to be set aside and forgotten, because of my failures. Yet, God extends His chesed,  His enduring, faithful love to me. He still blesses my life. He still pours out His grace. He still redeems, restores and makes all things new. He still pursues me. Wow, what an amazing God.
This enduring love does not give us the liberty to sin. Truly, it should compel us to run from it. You see, God does not shame us into faithful obedience. Instead, He extends love and grace that changes our hearts as we reach out to Him in thankfulness.
We cannot imagine life any other way, because living in God’s unconditional love is really the best kind of way to live. My heart stops at the doorway of sin and considers the love of God, instead of the pleasures of fleeting sin. God does not use anger to coerce me into following Him. I am compelled and drawn to Him, because of His enduring, faithful love. The enemy of our souls wishes to only speak words of discouragement into our lives, words like, “God could never use a failure like you!” “You deserve punishment.” “Look at all the bad that’s happening in your life, you’ll never be able to crawl out from under it!” “You’ll never be able to overcome this. You’ll carry this shame and bad name with you for the rest of your life.”
The enemy wishes to define us by our failures and try to convince us that God cannot go on loving a sinner like us. He could never use someone like us who just can’t seem to get it right. Yet, I see nothing in the Scriptures that would tell me this is true. I see a faithful, steadfast, immovable, loving God who does not give up on sinners like you and me. I see a love that draws people in, not to shackles and shame, but to freedom and deliverance. Truly, it is love that sets people free and it is God’s enduring love that reminds me that I am not who I used to be, but I am being made into His image and He’s sticking with me through the process.
Lord, I am amazed at your love. I cannot believe it. You love me. What a simple, amazing and astounding truth. Sometimes, I feel like a total failure. A failure whose life is not worthy of being redeemed, but that’s because I start believing the lies. I start living in shame. Today, I want to walk instead in your enduring, faithful love. I want to live in it, to lean back into it so that I might be changed. Thank you for loving a sinner like me, and seeing not my sin, but instead, seeing the beauty of your son in me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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