Sometimes Shame Tries to Tell Me I’m Still a Failure

and take away all my sins…..Psalm 25:18).

There is something so glorious about the grace of God that at times it is difficult to comprehend. Truly, as we are in Christ He no longer holds our sins against us. To be in Christ means to become a brand new person. It means to have a new identity and to find our purpose free from condemnation.
The chains and shackles of sin no longer weigh us down because of the beauty of the cross. The very place where our Savior hung, was beaten and afflicted for our sake. Truly, we are so undeserving, but because of HIs great love for us, God who is rich in mercy made us alive with Christ.
It’s easy to get distracted by our many failures, the progress we’re not making or the places we’ve been in our stubborn rebellion. Yet, only death lies there. Death to the awakening of our hearts. Death to the hope of the gospel that sets sinners like you and me free.
Ressurection awaits those who believe with all hope that God redeems sinners. Yes, this is the beautiful truth of the gospel, that no story is ever over for those who journey with Christ. Their story is on-going, with great purpose and hope. Shame is not the end of their story and condemnation is not the song their heart sings. Truly, the song of our hearts is I AM FREE! Free indeed!
Woman feeling free in a beautiful natural setting.
Sometimes, the shame and disapproval others have spoken into my life sing into my heart and say things to me like, “Heather, you are a failure. You’re done. Sorry, but you can’t overcome this. It’s always going to follow you everywhere you go. You’ll never be able to get out from under it.” Only trying to convince me that my story is over, but it is not.
As I focus on the cross I see that love lies there. Love for someone like me who doesn’t always get it right. Love for someone with doubts, fears, and insecurities. Love that takes away all of my sin nailing it to the cross! Yes, what a beautiful love it is!
I need not carry the banner of shame. Truly, it is not the clothes the Lord Jesus has given me to wear. He offers me vestments which robe me in compassion, love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and hope for myself and for others. I am not dirty any longer, I have been washed clean and my Savior intercedes on my behalf until my dying breath on earth. Then He will present me before His Father as pure and spotless, oh what a day that will be!
Lord, I am not a slave to sin any longer. I have been set free! I am not defined by my past or what has happened to me. Truly, I am found forever in your love. May my heart rest in you today Jesus, knowing that in you all things hold together. I give you all of my hopes, dreams, wants, wishes and desires. Glorify your name in me today, in Jesus name, Amen!

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