It’s Time to Move Forward….Get Out of Egypt

Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on…. (Ex 14:15).

It’s time to move on. That’s right, no more staying stuck in your faith, there’s work for the kingdom to do. There are many kingdom workers who are waiting for God’s next step instead of living in this present season with great joy and anticipation for all that God can do.
As the Israelites stood before the Red Sea it seemed as though they were done for. The Egyptians were chasing them, they were trapped, but Moses reminds the people that God will fight for them. He tells them to MOVE FORWARD. For the nation of Israel, it would take great faith to move forward. It meant they would have to completely let go of what they knew- their life in Egypt, to trust God for a brand new life. This new life immediately came with a great step of faith that the nation of Israel had to take. Sometimes God calls us out of things and asks us to take great steps of faith before we can enter into the place of His promise.
I only say that because in many ways I feel like I’m living it. I’m living in a place where I sense that God is challenging me to be still and let Him fight for me. The place where He’s asking me to persevere in faith. The place where He’s challenging me to take risky steps of faith away from what I’ve always known. Away from the places that I found false comfort. Away from the places where I wrongfully learned how to ease my worries.
God is challenging many of us to step of out Egpyt. The places we’ve always known to take risky, courageous steps for Him. Outside of Egypt, we can experience His hand at work, fighting for us. Inside of Egypt, we grow comfortable with what we’ve always known.
If you’re like me, you always feel like you should be doing something, but maybe God’s step of faith for you is to do nothing. That’s right, to do nothing, but to simply be still. To be quiet before Him and wait for Him to part the Red Sea so you don’t have to keep staying stuck in Egypt, the place of your own false comfort.
Lord, I trust you. I want to live in you promise with faith that can move mountains. I’m not good at waiting, yet you are growing me through it. Lord, I surrender, please, part the Red Sea. I will wait for you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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