An Overwhelming Love

No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly….Psalm 84:11

I love Jesus. I really do. Truly, He is a song bursting forth from my heart. A song of victory and praise. A song of mercy and justice. A song of peace and hope. A song of love that dances over me. A song of victory in the midst of life’s storms. A song of love from His heart to mine. Truly, His love for me is radical, beautiful and glorious. I am so unworthy, yet He sees me fit for such a love like this. Not because of anything I can or could do for Him, but simply because He is a good Father who loves to shower His children with the gift of His love.
There is so much good to see in who God is, it is an overwhelming thought to contemplate the depth of His character. I could stay in it for all eternity and still not grasp the depth and magnitude of who He is. Yet, in my heart, I want to know Him, all of Him, because I have been radically changed by Him. I cannot imagine life without Him. Yet, I know how desperate I am for Him. Desperate to hear His voice. Desperate to know Him more and desperate to have a new heart and mind not directed by sin, but held close by His love.
If God is for me, truly, who can be against me? Although my enemies rise up against me, the Lord is my stronghold, whom shall I fear? Although ten thousand rise up against me, the Lord fights for me. He is always by my side. We need not fear the sorrows of life nor the whispers of discouragement from the enemy. Truly, we can bask in the Father’s love. A love so great that we wouldn’t believe it. A love that sings joy into the hurting and peace into the broken. A love like this is for you and me, because of and through the resurrection of Jesus. Truly, He is a wonderful Savior. Won’t you trust Him today?
Lord, you are so good. You are for me. When the Devil tries to tear me down and throw me into a pit of despair, you are there, fighting for my heart. Yes, you are so good and I can trust you. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for sinners like me. You are such a great God and I love you! Thank you for loving me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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