Heed The Warning Signs…Walk in Freedom

but the simple keep going and pay the penalty….(Proverbs 27:12)

Have you ever had a check in your heart? You know, the ones that nudge at you, that little voice that says, “Don’t go down that path. It’s not good for you.” Now, have you ever ignored that voice? If you have, so have I. God is kind and gracious, He sends up warning signals in our lives to keep us from traversing a journey that would prove to be painful in our lives because of our sin. You see, sin wants to drag me into the pit, convincing me that it is the safest place to be when God says, “I have something better for you, hold up your hand and let me lift you out of that pit.”
I’ll ignore the warning signs because quite simply, I do not trust God. My heart is so wrapped up in my vices that the thought of living without them terrifies me. I cannot see life any other way, other than to keep going the way I always have. The way that feels safe, when in reality, it’s just me, digging myself into a deeper pit.
I hear God’s voice saying to me, “Heather, rest.” But all of my buttons are being pressed, and the pits I’ve dug for myself are trying to pull me back into them. Yet, I hear the Lord say, “Come, sit at my feet.” But I want to keep moving, keep going, keep doing what I’ve always done. That’s just me, living in my comfort zone. The places that feel safe. The place where my amenities and I commune together.
As I release my worries to the Lord Jesus, His peace and joy come upon me. Instead of following my anxiety, which always leads me back into the pit. I’m fighting instead, to sit with God in the spacious place of His rest. The land of His bounty and provision. Yes, a land flowing with milk and honey. A place of joy and prosperity for my soul, away from the graves I have dug for myself and into a land that is spacious and free for my heart to roam in the goodness of God.
Abba, daddy, you are so good to me. Sometimes, I forget that following you is really all about faith. There are times when you ask me to do things that just don’t make sense. May I live with radical obedience. May I live a life that doesn’t make sense, because I believe so much in your greatness. Forgive me for my weak faith. Lord, today I want to sit before you. To hear and listen and learn from you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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