Talk Less, Listen More and Speak the Words of God

If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God…. (1 Peter 4:11).

Speaking the very words of God is difficult, isn’t it? I find myself, more often than not, speaking too much and listening very little or if I am listening, I’m only half listening. I know, for me, when others have spoken the words of God to me, they have come like water to my quenched soul, but if I could be quite honest, this is a rare occasion. More often than not, I find myself sifting through words from others birthed out of their own fears or understanding. Not the words of God. I know I’ve played this part for so many as well, not speaking words of life and peace, but speaking “wisdom” that springs forth from my own heart and mind.
Look at how God addressed Job. For a very long time, God listened and then, He spoke. God listened intently before He answered Job. There are other moments in Scripture when God speaks with someone and says very little. The calling of Abraham, the charge for Moses to go approach Pharoah. The baptism of Jesus, all were occasions where God spoke but said very little. Yet, the few short words He spoke were powerful. How often do I speak and my words are not powerful, but just words to fill the atmosphere? Probably more often than I’d like to admit.
We listen to lengthy sermons filled with eloquent words, but how many of those sermons are filled with the power of God? Maybe our attempts to speak are actually long-winded attempts to win a crowd over with our many words and opinions. Opinions don’t win people over, the power of God does. Maybe the reason why we’re not reaching the masses is because we have first neglected to listen and speak the words of life into their hearts. Maybe, our attempts to speak are full of our own good ideas. Yet, in order to reach our crowd, we must first know our crowd, understanding their pain, and speaking the words of God into their lives.
Maybe we don’t have a crowd or a stage, but we have a loved one who is far from God. We keep trying to win them over with our many words because we feel that if we don’t talk no one else will speak this truth into their lives. Yet, we must remember that sometimes silence is good because God can fill it. If we never allow for silence to take place than our empty words keep filling the space. We should learn to be silent.
This is a discipline I am still growing in. I am learning the value of staying silent for the glory of God and for my own further growth in the Kingdom. Let us not forget that it’s His words that change hearts. May we partner with Him today to bring His shalom (peace) to the ends of the earth, in Jesus name.
Lord, let my words be ones that are only from you. I know this is hard, so may I be silent more, listen intently and speak less. Lord, direct my thoughts. Direct my words. DIrect my life. Lord, give me grace and fill my heart with your love. Lord Jesus, I need that. I’m so quick to not speak for you. Fill my heart instead with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, Amen.

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