Dance in the Father’s Love

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us…. (Romans 5:8).

This is the wonderful truth of the gospel, is it not? That you and I have been set free from the weight of sin! We have been brought out of darkness and into the Kingdom of light through the perfect work and resurrection power of Jesus Christ.
For all who would call on HIs name in repentance and believe in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead! Yes, you and me, all our sin, is forgiven through Christ. We hold within our hands the victory of Christ. No weapon can be formed against us and if we have salvation through the cross of Christ than we have joy at our fingertips. Yes, a joy that is without limit. Joy that frees us our hearts from anxiety. Joy that fills our lives with purpose and peace. Joy that makes our faces radiant as we extend the love of Jesus to a world that is desperately in need of His saving power.
No heart is too dirty for the risen Lord to set free and no past too far from redemption. This is the wonderful truth of the gospel. That God doesn’t just set sinners free, but that He propels them onto a brand new purpose. A purpose that is blessed by the work of His hands. A purpose that takes our brokenness, and our failures and gives us new opportunities for ministry. That my friends is the grace of God for you and me.
When I approach God with a heart of thankfulness I can rest assured that HIs love is deep and wide for me. When I place myself in the bosom of His tender care I can no with full assurance that I am deeply loved. I am totally forgiven. I am safe in the hands of a gracious, good Father. Yes, He is mine and I am His. You and I can dance with victory, because we know that nothing in this life can keep us from the grace of our heavenly Father. Dance in that love today.
Yes, Lord! I will rejoice! You are gracious and merciful! Truly, you are a mighty God! I can trust you because your heart is for me. I can say thank you because although I could do nothing for you, you died so that I could be set free! Yes, Lord, I just want to thank you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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