But, God….Why Does Everything Seem to Go Right For Others But Not Me?

The lot is cast into the lap,
But its every decision is from the Lord….Proverbs 16:33
It is easy to covet the lives of others. Having thoughts like, “but God why do they have the child, the job, the car, the promotion, the recognition, the_______________. I’ve been quick to ask, why not me? As if my journey was supposed to work on the same path as theirs.
Life can very easily feel unfair if we set our gaze on our immediate circumstances and the cup in our lives that has yet to be filled the way we’ve been asking God to fill it. Many of us have walked very frustrating and difficult journies. Journies where the cries of our hearts seem met with discouragement and a continual, no, not yet. I hate that. I really do and I hate that you’re walking that too, but I know one thing is certain. We can trust and believe that God is always working things together for our good. Yes, He is a mighty God. His love for us is great. His hand brings good things into our lives. Things that we cannot see in our limited understanding.
Sometimes we have let go of what we’ve been begging for to receive something better from God. If we truly trust God we can believe with all hope that every no is because God has a better yes. As we submit ourselves to His yes we can rest in His promises for our lives. Submitting our wants and desires to Him, we can live in the freedom of knowing that every time our cup isn’t filled with what we’ve been asking for, we can receive the grace of God to fill our heart and mind instead.
Yes, the peace of God is what we need. If you’re like me, you need God to do something. To work on your behalf and to clear the path before you. To make His will known and to tear down walls that only He can tear down. Maybe it’s for the reconciliation of a relationship, the healing of a physical malady, a job, or a dream in your heart that has never died. Pray, trust, and believe. Walk in faith, knowing that your Father has good things in store for you.
Lord, I believe in your greatness. I do not understand this journey sometimes, but I know that you are good. Make clear the path before me. Forgive me when I allow my worries to keep me from pursuing your greatness. Jesus, be my eternal joy, I pray, I trust you, Amen.

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