Resentment Has Been Knocking…..

“I will protect them from those who malign them.”…. (Psalm 12:5).

Resentment has been knocking at my heart. How could they have done that? Why did things go that way? God, how was that ok? Over and over again my heart is stirred with the injustice that I felt was impressed upon me. Yes, resentment has been knocking at the door of my heart and if I could be quite honest, I have invited it in for a time because of my limited understanding of the sovereignty of God.
Maybe you’ve been deeply hurt by someone, betrayed or misunderstood. It’s quite possible their actions, coupled with your insecurities thrust you into a desert season, as it did mine. I am learning, through life experiences that it’s not always, or rarely is, just the other person’s issues at fault. For me, it was fear, fear played a great role in my life keeping me from living in wisdom and freedom. Fear kept me in bondage, as I allowed others to do things that were hurtful. Fear was my issue and now because of it, I feel resentment knocking.
How do we find freedom from resentment?
We let it go.
Yes, set it free, stop keeping yourself chained to the wounds of your past. Stop demanding things to be fixed the way you want them to. Set your past, your hurt, and your pain free. God is knocking on your heart too. He holds nothing in His hands because they are wide open, ready to receive you. Won’t you fall into His arms and let Him embrace you in His love?
Then, we must pray for the person who hurt us. Yes, that’s right, pray for them. Pray for God’s blessings and for God’s healing in their own life. You see, there are not the enemy, but you keep pointing the finger as if they were. We are all sinners, we all need the grace of God. We are all going to fail others because of our insecurities, pride, and selfishness. Just as you would want someone to pray for your freedom, do the same for the person who has hurt you. Pray for their growth in Christ and for their freedom. Set resentment aside and welcome grace into your heart as you release that which the devil has continually tried to set up in your heart to steal your joy in Christ.
Lord, I know that resentment has been knocking. Yet, you offer me freedom because of Jesus. Yes, I am a child of God. Yes, I am free from the past. Lord, forgive me for how I’ve hurt others. May I walk in freedom and in humility. God, be my joy, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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