Out of Egypt

There is no bread! There is no water! And we detest this miserable food!” ….(Numbers 21:5).

Israel kept begging God for things He had already provided. It just wasn’t in the way they wanted. I’ve done the same with God. Especially in this present season. I’ve said to the Lord, but why can’t I go back to____________ and I hear Him say, “Why do want to go back to the place of your captivity?”
Because I can’t see what’s coming….and I really want to be in control of it.  
That’s why we go back into relationships we know, are bad for us. Return to jobs that are toxic. Get involved in the sinful activity that used to be in our past. Move here, go there, and take matters into our own hands because we cannot see what God is doing, so we assume He isn’t doing anything.
God always provided for Israel in the desert. During this present season I hear the Lord saying, “Heather, I want to bless you. Wait, watch and listen. Don’t take matters into your own hands and operate out of your anxiety. Wait for me to bless you.”
I’ll be honest, that is very hard for me to do. Hard because I’ve always been a take charge, get it done kind of person. I”ve filled my life with plans that made sense. Plans on how I was going to fill certain needs in my life. I hear myself complaining to the Lord, but why did you give me this? Why didn’t you do that for me?
Sometimes, I think God wants us to learn to be content in the little He’s given us so that we can receive with joy something different when we’re ready for it. We must learn to find contentment in all things, because God may never provide for us the way we want Him too. We must learn to praise Him, even in the midst of disappointment.
After receiving some discouraging news yesterday, my husband asked me, “What if things don’t ever turn out that way, what if this is just what God has? A thought flashed across my mind, “Then, I’m not sure I’ll make it.” Really Heather? Is that really true? Of course, I’ll make it, but, you see, the vision burns so deep within my heart that the thought of not fulfilling it tears me up inside.
We can rest assured that if God gives us the vision, He will see it through to fruition. The waiting is simply an opportunity for us to be pruned as we learn to wait on God becoming completely and totally dependent upon Him.
Father, I submit myself with joy to you today. I know that today, you want to bless me so I will await, with joy, your blessing for me. Thank you, God, that I have everything that I need in you. Thank you that my waiting is not in vain. Thank you that there is a great purpose in every season. Lord, thank you, in Jesus name, Amen.

One thought on “Out of Egypt

  1. I had an instance yesterday where something happened to me. It brought about some pain, and the issue goes against this word and vision I had and been holding on to for quite some time. I’m really good about complaining about it after, why even tell me, God, why this and that. Any hoo, its interesting that after all this time has passed, I found myself complaining, but I was complaining about how near He is and how real He was. I realized I wasn’t even complaining anymore; it was just like thanks for being real. I love hearing words and visions, I probably loved them a little too much in my life, but in the last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed the source of my vision more than vision itself. It’s kinda weird for me to say all this out loud. I wanted to say something encouraging, like keeping you both in prayer or being in agreement with you both for the good Abba has for you, but you’re on your path, and all I just said will happen anyway. But it’s interesting how much life is born from your words. Surely these life-giving words come from your Father, and surely if they are coming out of you, then life-giving words are surely being put in you.

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