Why Did You Share Something So Vulnerable?

For they no longer dared to ask him any question…. (Lk 20:40).

Does your heart ever ask you condemning questions? You know, the questions like, how could you do that? Why did you share that? You’re so stupid for being so vulnerable. Last night I shared something very vulnerable with my iron group here at the Cadre.

Of course, immediately after I shared the enemy was there to meet me with his words of condemnation and shame. Sometimes I answer his questions with doubt. The doubt in my mind that comes from a heart that forgets how to fight. The doubt in my mind that comes from those weak places that forget who I am in Christ and the power that His word holds over my life. Yes, the power of His resurrection that is for me is at my fingertips, but so often I forget that power and slip into the words of the enemy allowing his condemnation to come tapping at the door of my heart.


The Pharisees stopped asking Jesus questions that were trying to trap Him because He kept responding in confidence with God’s truth. Eventually, they got to the point where they were tired of their game. We too must get the enemy to the point where he is tired of the game he’s playing with our hearts because we don’t let him win. We take our stand instead on the battle lines, speaking God’s truth into our lives. Yes, the kind of truth that sets men and women free. The kind of truth that breaks the power of the enemy over our lives. The very word of God that is for you and me.

The next time Satan comes at you with a condemning question simply offer up an answer full of faith. He can do nothing against the children of God who fight with the victory that has been disposed to them through the power of the word. Let us today live in that truth, knowing that we do indeed wear the victors crown if we are in Christ.

Lord, I give you today, sometimes I struggle because I forget to place all of my life in your hands. Sometimes, I let the words of the enemy sit for too long in my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to share last night and for the freedom that comes from sharing. God, be glorified, show off your power in me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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