Learning to Let Go When My Selfish Heart Says to Hold on Tight…

I have put my hope in your word…..(Ps 119:147).

Sometimes I put too much hope in myself; my good ideas, my own personal thoughts, and feeling, etc. I have to be very aware of my own selfishness as I seek God’s will for my life.
I sense that God is asking me to come towards Him with open hands, not holding on too tightly to what I’m hoping for. Instead, letting go of everything I desire to simply receive from His hands. When and if He’s ready to give it.
You see, the tighter we hold onto things, the more we starve our hearts of God’s provision. I cannot receive very much from God if my hands are full, clinging ever so tightly to my own wants and desires.
I hear the Lord say, “Heather, let it go. I’ve got something great for you. Just be patient.” My heart says, but, what if…..or….why not now, Lord? Then my Spirit says, “TRUST in the Lord.” Sometimes God will give us what we desire, but we cannot come to Him demanding it from Him. We must accept the fact that maybe it’s not what God wants to bless us with and we will praise Him no matter what.
So today, I’m coming with open hands and a heart that is fully aware of its own bent towards selfishness. Today I’m choosing to walk towards my own personal freedom with a willingness to receive from God whatever He wants even if what He hands me is, “WAIT.”
Lord, today I come with hands that are open. I don’t need anything other than you. Thank you for loving me, for showering your love upon me and for making yourself known to me. Thank you that I have joy in you. Truly, there is nothing better in this life than living according to your word. May I always be applying it to my life, for your glory, and for your grace, in Jesus name, Amen.

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