I Have Laid Up Many Stones Upon My Heart to Keep Me From Getting Hurt Again….

They found the stone rolled away from the tomb….(Luke 24:2).

There have been many stones laid up upon my heart. Stones of unbelief, fear, discouragement, and pride. Stones that keep me hidden in the grave. Yet, we must remember that God is always seeking to redeem us from the grave. Yes, He is in the business of resurrection. Truly, He is the God of life and peace. He makes all things new and that includes removing the heaviest of stones we have placed upon our hearts.
I had a big stone laid upon my heart as a teenager. It was a stone placed there to protect myself from getting hurt by other people. It was a stone that said, “I’m not letting you in, because I’m afraid you’ll hurt me too.”
The more stones we lay up upon our hearts, the less meaningful our relationships in life will be. Jesus wishes to free us from the burdens we have placed on our own lives. The heaviness of sorrow, the anguish of unbelief and fear. The weightiness of pride and the back-breaking reality of shame. For far too long I hid behind these stones, not letting people in, because I was afraid that exposing my true self meant being rejected by others.
As the two women went to the tomb that morning they saw the stone rolled away and entered in to see what had happened. There was no body to be found because the Lord Jesus left the tomb. Yes, as God rolled the stone away Jesus walked out and into new life. Beloved, hear this, Jesus is rolling your stones away, please, walk out. Your freedom awaits you because your Lord is rolling the stone away. Do not stay stuck in the grave, walk out with your Lord towards new life and freedom. Is it risky? Yes, of course, but truly, it is worth it.
Abba, daddy, you have rolled the stone away. Thank you for setting me free by your love. Thank you that you don’t leave me in the grave, but you are always looking for ways to set me free. Lord Jesus, I trust you. Today, I want to run with you out of the grave and into faith. Yes Lord, roll a stone away today. Show me where I am not trusting you, so that I can set that aside to walk with you towards freedom instead, in Jesus name, Amen.

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