Don’t Be Surprised When Opposition Comes When You Start Pursuing Your Freedom

How then can your god deliver you from my hand?…(2 Ch 32:14).

The enemy loves to whisper lies of deceit into our hearts. His goal is to destroy our faith because he knows that if we practice it, we can move mountains. Therefore, one of his goals is to make us believe things like, “God doesn’t love you. He wants to punish you. God will not pull through for you. God isn’t trustworthy. He is not faithful to you.”
You see if the enemy can get us to believe one of those lies, our faith will die in the hands of our oppressor and we will stay wandering with him in the desert. We will wander until we return to the one true God and all of His faithfulness.
Sometimes I look inside my heart and I see unbelief. I see fear or insecurity start to lodge its way in. Then, there are other times, when I am trusting in the faithfulness of God. During these seasons I feel like I can take on anything. These are my best moments when the voice of God is louder in my heart because I have sought Him diligently amidst the persistent voice of the enemy.
Yesterday the enemy was trying to make me run from trusting in God into a place of chaos. My heart always feels chaotic when I am led by fear. You see, he kept trying to push old buttons, getting me to become led by fear and anxiety. Since I recognized this I called it out for what it was and claimed my freedom and victory in Christ through the power of God’s word.
Whenever we pursue a God’s sized vision we will always be met with opposition. But we must remember that our role is to stand fast and keep building up whatever God has asked of us. As we build we will be met with greater opposition, but we can trust and know that the Lord fights our battles for us and we need not fear. With each brick we place, we are growing stronger still, building a wall of strength against the lies of the enemy. For truly, greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.
Lord, thank you for your love. Sometimes I am astounded by the fact that you love me. I am so blessed that you would call me your child. You are the greatest treasure I have ever found and I long to be changed daily by your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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