Why Do I Care So Much About What Other People Think?

(pray for each other so that you may be healed)….James 5:16

Yesterday I sensed shame and fear try to weasel their way into my heart and mind. Honestly, the fear I was dealing with was really ridiculous, but the devil has a way of convincing us that his lies are the actual truth.
While talking on the phone yesterday with a friend I sensed those lies creeping their way in and I was fearful to tell them something in my life that God has been doing. I thought they might react negatively, but eventually, I did tell them. The problem is, I was trying to read their reaction because I wasn’t quite sure if it was truly positive or just faking it.
At that moment I had to quickly as myself two things, why do I care so much about what other people think over this issue? If I get myself into a place of caring what other people think, am I really going to allow one response that didn’t meet my expectations steal my joy over what God is doing?
The answer is no, but if I could be quite honest, I let Satan whisper a few deceptive lies into my heart over this issue a few days ago and so now I’m being challenged to lay down those fears and place my trust, not in people, but in God who goes before me and stands behind me. I said to this friend, “I’ve gotta be honest, I have some fear over this issue that it won’t be received well.” They said, “Heather, don’t let one person who doesn’t see what God is doing steal your joy over this.”
I think a lot of our problem, at least, a lot of my problem is that I care too much about what other people think. Sometimes, I just do.
Sometimes I have a hard time determining if something gave God glory if people aren’t responding positively. I’m learning, however, that my ultimate goal in life is not to please people, but to walk in true submission to the Lord Jesus. Truly, He is pleased with me as I walk with Him. What I have found, for me, is that in order to battle this, I must live in a place of thankfulness to the Lord. You see, when I am constantly thanking God for His work in my life, I won’t be so quick to fall into a pit when someone from the outside doesn’t approve.
Lord, I am stubborn and sometimes I let the enemy whisper his lies into my heart and mind. Forgive me for my lack of courage. Today I stand on your promises. Thank you that they are true for me. I give you control. I ask for your grace and I rejoice over what you are doing in my life. I lay down my need to have the approval of people and I rejoice in your love instead, in Jesus name, Amen.

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