Drowning in Words that Hurt….

The words of the mouth are deep waters…(Proverbs 18:4).

The other day, I deferred to my husband on a decision. Things didn’t go as we would have liked and he said to me after the fact, “Did you not agree with my decision?” Immediately, in my heart, I sensed the Lord say, “Don’t rub this one in his face, keep your mouth from evil and offer supportive words to your husband.” Thankfully, I listened to the Lord and offered supportive words instead of discouraging words that would have quickly cut my husband down.
Words, by all accounts really do matter. Therefore, we must choose them wisely. Without wisdom, we are sure to cut people down instead of build them up. Without tact, we are sure to say things we will later regret. Without love and grace, we are sure to say hurtful things that come not from a place of freedom, but instead, from a place of pain in our lives.
Some words, said to me in someone else’s pain, still come rushing to the surface to be used by the enemy to send me drowning a pool of self-condemnation and despair. I am learning though, that my best place to be is not fighting against those words, but simply calling out to the lifesaver for His grace to save me.
Why do we hurt people with our words? It is because we have not learned how to tame the tongue. Truly, without the Lord in control of our tongue, it is a restless evil. Our words will tear people down, cut them deep and discourage them to the core if we have not been made new by the love of God.
So today, I’m asking for a mouth that builds up. A heart that is fully content in the Lord and chooses its words wisely. I know what I’m capable of when I’m not leaning into grace, and so because of that, I’m living fully aware that if I’m not listening to God, I’m sure to hurt someone with my words.
Lord, I want to be wise with my words. I want to be the kind of woman who builds up and doesn’t tear down. I want my tongue to be tamed by love. Forgive me for my tongue that has hurt people because I did not listen to your Spirit guiding me, in Jesus name, Amen.

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