Finding Your Purpose…

I was cupbearer to the king….(Nehemiah 1:11)

Many of us may believe that we’ll never have a great purpose in life. For example, we may be discouraged because God hasn’t provided for us the job that we love just yet and so we grow weary and stop believing that He will provide for us.
But you see, God took a cupbearer and gave Him a great purpose. He used him to lead the Israelites in the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. Not only that, but God took a shepherd boy, of little significance in the eyes of the world, and made him King. Why? Because he saw what was in their hearts.
God loves to give Kingdom work to those who simply love Him. To those whose hearts have been captured by Jesus. You see, God isn’t waiting for you to finish your degree or make all the right connections. He’s simply waiting for you to fall madly in love with Him. Then, He knows you’ll be ready for Kingdom work.
I used to think that my best efforts were accomplished when I was “working hard for God.” However, now I’ve realized that, honestly, my best work for God is simply when I am sitting at His feet and resting in His love. That is when I am at my very best. As we rest, God grows our heart and as our heart grows God calls us out. It’s not that we find out purpose in the things we do, but in the Lord who loves us and calls us His child.
Lord, I love you. I pray that my heart is so captivated by you that you are my greatest joy and delight in this life. Lord, I want my life to be one of praise for your glory. Jesus, call me out, I pray, Amen.

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