Godly Grit

stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”…(Luke 21:28).

Sometimes before things get better, they have to get worse. In order for us to get to the other side, we have to have Godly grit. Grit is what keeps us in the game when things get really, really hard. Grit helps us experience the blessing that is coming after we wait out the storm that’s in front of us.
Grit is what Christians need if they’re going to experience God’s redemption in their life over painful situations. Grit keeps you going when everyone else says to give up. Grit is what Jesus had and grit is what I need if I’m going to continue to grow as a Christian.
When things have gone wrong in my life, there’s something inside of me that tells me to stick with it. Can I be really honest though? Even though I have grit, I’ve noticed that I don’t always have compassion. You see, in my own pride, because of my ability to practice grit, I sometimes forget to care well for people who are hurting because I have this thought that flashes through my mind of, “just get over it and buck up.” You know what though, sometimes my lack of compassion has gotten me in trouble, not just with those I love, but in my own life too. Since I’m so stuck on sticking things out I’ve allowed myself to get walked on in the past and get taken advantage of by others.
This all comes from insecurities in my own heart that tell me I can’t express what my needs are, I just need to get over it and keep pressing forward. Since I know this about myself now, I’m no longer afraid to have hard conversations so that I don’t keep getting walked on.
Sometimes our strengths can quickly become our weaknesses if we are not careful. Just because we possess something like grit, a good work ethic, compassion or empathy doesn’t mean we should now deify ourselves believing that we will never allow our strengths to become weaknesses. I am fully aware that in my life, I am very quick to allow my strengths to become prideful pieces of judgment against others in my life. Ouch, yep, that’s me sometimes, and I have to be very careful to let God take control of every aspect of my life and live with an awareness that at any given moment I can live out of an unsanctified place in my heart if I am not careful.
Lord, thank you for loving me, a sinner who is being made new. Thank you for taking my heart and giving it new life. Thank you for grit. But, Lord, I know sometimes my grit gets me in trouble because it keeps me from caring well for people. Forgive me for sometimes allowing my strengths to be the place I hang my pride upon. Instead, Lord, I want to live fully aware that without you, I’m sure to make a decision or have a thought that could hurt someone. Forgive me, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Godly Grit

  1. HQ heyyy. Man, I kept wanting to comment but commenting on blogs is actually awkward for me, ha. I was really down in the dumps last two weeks. Like I can’t even explain the despair and pain that came on for no reason. But it was crazy in two weeks of blogs, you were hitting all the phrases and all the things I was dealing with. Dying at the altar really hit home for me, and although I couldn’t really snap out of the funk I was in, it was super helpful someone reading my book and saying it out loud but actually sharing their own story and their own experiences. SUPER refreshing. just wanted to share. Blessings on you and your family.

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