Rebuilding is Hard

Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other…(Nehemiah 4:17).
Rebuilding is hard. It’s hard because we have to go back into the trauma of what caused the destruction in our lives in order to rebuild it. Now we must deal with what happened, choose to forgive and allow God to heal us in the places of what once devastated us deeply.
For me, I have found that the same old feelings come rushing to the surface for me. Those feelings of hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and disappointment. You know what though? This is actually a good thing. It’s good because it allows us to process our emotions with the Lord as we surrender our hurt, pain and unjust situations to Him.
I have never known God to destroy what I have set out to rebuild. I have only seen Him bring new life from my deepest pain as I have joined with Him in the process of rebuilding. It’s just that sometimes God doesn’t always work on my timeline. Since the rebuilding process takes a long time, I must practice patience as I wait for God to bring beauty from my deepest pain.
Do not be surprised when you face major opposition in your life as you start to rebuild. Nehemiah did and so his response was to prepare his people to build and fight at the same time. You see, we’re not fighting against our past, we’re fighting against the enemy who wants us to stay stuck in the past. He’ll keep pulling up all the old faces, unfair situations, and circumstances. We must now bring out our weapons of warfare and silence those voices with the word of God so we can stand victorious over our enemies.
God doesn’t just want us to rebuild. He wants us to experience HIs power over our past so that we can put His love on display for others to see.
Lord, I am free. I am more than a conqueror. You fight for me. I am ready for the battle ahead and I know that you will equip me according to your love. Oh Lord, be my fortress, deliverer and my strong tower. I love you, Lord! Rebuild my life through your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Rebuilding is Hard

  1. Wonderful post, Heather! Speaks for many of us, certainly for me. This line in particular is special: “You see, we’re not fighting against our past, we’re fighting against the enemy who wants us to stay stuck in the past.”

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