In Every Season….Go to Him for Comfort and Joy

LORD, do not forsake me;

do not be far from me, my God….(Psalm 38:21).

I can recall the many times when I was a child and was hurting over something, so to make things better, I went looking for my earthly father’s face. You see, it was his comfort that reminded me that everything was going to be OK. It was his strength that protected me against those things in my life that felt overwhelming and it was the warmth of his touch that made me feel so very safe.
The Lord longs to hold His children in the same way. To comfort them in their troubles and remind them of HIs deep, unending love for them. You see, our Heavenly Father, He too is safe, trustworthy and strong. When I rest my worries in the shadow of His might, I can know that no matter what befalls me, I am safe and covered in His love. Even if the world comes crashing down around me, I can be still in His presence knowing that He will never leave me. This is such a comforting thought, especially for those who are walking through a painful season.
When I would go to my earthly father I wasn’t coming to him expecting him to fix everything. I was simply coming to him because I knew he would comfort me. This is what God does for those whose hearts have been ripped apart by the worries and troubles of this life. You see, the best place we can go is simply straight into His arms. Not so that He can fix everything, but so that we can simply receive HIs comfort.
I’ll be honest, when things fell apart in my life I was bombarded with thoughts that wanted to steal every part of my joy and hope in Christ. Yet, I kept telling myself, “Heather, go to your Heavenly Father, what you need is His presence.” And it was true, as I found the Lord’s grace in His presence, life wasn’t so hard when the pain started to hit, because I knew I had a Heavenly Father who loved me and would never leave me.
I knew that no matter what card I was dealt, the Lord’s grace is what I needed more than anything. Sometimes we come to God demanding He fix our lives and we skip the most important step of simply coming to Him to receive His comfort and joy.
Abba, pappa, daddy, you are so good to me. Thank you for your comfort. Thank you for being my Heavenly Father and reminding me so often that in your arms, I am safe. Yes Lord, let my heart be fully satisfied in you. I long to be held in your grace. Be my greatest joy and satisfaction in life, not just when things fall apart, but every moment of every day, in Jesus name, Amen.

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