He Binds Up and Heals

he will bind up our wounds… (Hosea 6:1).

If you have ever been hurt, please know, there is a healer. If you have ever been rejected, abandoned, abused or mistreated, please rest assured that the Lord Jesus is fully able to bind up your wounds.
It just may take some time. His healing rarely comes and makes everything right in one fail swoop. It comes over time as each layer is peeled back like an onion. As I give Jesus more of my heart, my hurts and my fears, He brings forth HIs healing light to the parts of my life that need a touch of His love.
You know, there’s something about Jesus that I just can’t shake. The thought of His love is overwhelming. It’s just sometimes I forget how powerful He is and how able He is to take our wounds and heal with the power of His love.
There are some wounds I’m asking Him to go deeper into so that I might experience the fullness of His love. Truly, this is what I need more than answers or a quick fix. I need His restorative love and power. I need His healing and His mercy for each new day. I need that constant reminder that although life can turn painful and difficult corners, I can always go and find my Heavenly Father who is able to receive me into His healing arms of love.
Lord, I choose to walk in your healing power for my life today. Thank you Holy Father for setting me free. Thank you for being a safe place for me to land when life falls apart. Thank you for being my joy, delight, and hope in this world. Continue to cover me in your grace, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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