Matthias: A Man Who Was Faithful to Follow Before He Was Chosen

it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus was living among us…(Ac 1:21).

Some of us may wonder if we’ll ever be called up by the Lord? It seems, in our limited understanding that others are getting chosen over us and we wonder when it will be our turn to get called up, chosen and called out.
After the death of Judas, the disciples knew they needed to fill his role. They decided that the person they would choose to take his place would be someone who had been with them the whole time that Jesus had been ministering. There were two men’s names that came to mind. These men had followed Jesus and His disciples closely. I imagine maybe wondering if they too would ever be invited in to become one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.
By God’s divine providence Matthias is chosen to replace Judas. I’m sure that day was a day of true elation and celebration for Matthias. I’m not sure if he was the kind of guy who was often overlooked or passed over by others, but on this occasion, because of His faithfulness to follow despite his title or an important role to play, he is chosen.
Can I just be really honest? I was put in a similar position of waiting recently in my life and I hated not getting chosen, but something inside of me kept reminding me to be faithful to follow even though I wasn’t the one getting called up and called out. I can understand your frustration when it seems like one more opportunity doesn’t go your way and you’re back in the waiting room once more. Yet, Matthias reminds us to be faithful to follow and as we remain faithful, the Lord, in His timing, will call us up and call us out.
You see, the Lord is not looking for people with the strongest titles or greatest amount of prestige. He’s simply looking for those who have continued to follow, play their part in the work they have been given and as they walk in true obedience He gives you more work to do for the Kingdom. But you see, the Lord taught me that before I can become a Peter, I must first be a Matthias. Some of us want all the leadership before we show ourselves to be faithful to follow in the small things.
Matthias’s story gives me hope and it also reminds me to stay humble. It reminds me to keep my head low and my obedience in check. The Lord is looking for more Matthias’s to do His kingdom work. Would you be willing to be a little value in the eyes of the world, faithfully follow and submit yourself to Jesus so that He, in His time can raise you up? Matthias followed for three years before He was called by God. Would you be willing to do the same?
Lord, let my heart be saturated in your love. I want to be like Matthias who followed in true faithfulness. Because of it, you called him up and called him out. I want to be so faithful to follow even when I receive no prize or accolades, in Jesus name, Amen.

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