Let Go of That Attitude of Entitlement

Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd…(Acts 2:14).

One of Matthias’s first days on duty as one of the 12 disciples was on the day of Pentecost. My goodness, what an exciting day that must have been for him! I can only imagine how privileged he felt to be a part of that number as he stood with the rest of the disciples as Peter addressed the crowd.
Something changes inside of you when someone gives you a chance. Matthias was given an opportunity he probably never dreamed was possible, but because of His faithfulness to follow Jesus, He was chosen by God to take the place of Judas Iscariot. Let me tell you when you’ve had to play the background for a while, it is very humbling when you are finally chosen.
Maybe some of the other disciples had wrestled with similar issues as mine, issues of entitlement. Since all the other disciples had been one of the chosen disciples for all of Jesus’ ministry its quite possible that some of them carried that title with a bit of self-righteous pride, but not Matthias. I believe Matthias was so humbled by the opportunity to become one of the 12 that he viewed his role with a true attitude of gratitude.
I can say that because I’m living it now in my own life. When you get overlooked and others are chosen it humbles you, but when God finally calls you up and calls you out it is immensely humbling. Now, instead of believing I deserved this all along, my heart is immensely thankful to the Lord.
Maybe God hasn’t called you up yet because He’s waiting for you to repent of that attitude entitlement that you have that says, “I deserve this.” Until we change our hearts and minds and believe instead that I deserve nothing and everything is a gift from God, we will not quite be ready to be called up and called out.
Some of us may think, why in the world does that person get to be chosen but I’m not. I’m sure many and maybe even Matthias thought that about Judas. LIttle did Matthias know that God’s long term plan involving him. Yes, him, to take the place of Judas.
Some of us want so badly to take the place of others before it’s our turn, so we grow bitter resentful hearts towards them instead of simply being faithful to follow, allowing God to call us up and call us out when He best sees fit. Maybe God has a long term plan he’s working out in your life too, but you’re allowing what you believe to be unfair in this present moment hinder you from being faithful to follow.
Be encouraged to be like Matthias. Let go of an attitude of entitlement and deal with any thoughts towards another person that might be filled with jealousy or resentment because you want their spot. Let your life be a testimony to the goodness of God. The Lord is looking for more and more people who are simply thankful and faithful to follow no matter where He has placed you.
Lord, thank you that you are in control. Thank you for your timing. Thank you for growing and changing my heart through a long season of waiting. Honestly, there were parts that I hated, you know that, but I know, in the long run, it humbled me. For that, I am forever grateful, in Jesus name, Amen.

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