Lay Your Isaac Down

Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”… (Genesis 22:12).

Has the Lord ever asked you to give up something you really loved? I mean, really, really loved? He has for me. Letting go of that was so painful as it felt like I kept dying a thousand deaths over and over again, but I heard His voice say, “Heather, there is great gain in letting go,” so I knew I had to be obedient.
You see, sometimes the thing we fear losing the most is what we need to lose. Although losing it is immensely painful, it is very, very purposeful. Maybe God has challenged you to give up a dream you’ve held deep in your heart, a job you loved, a promotion you were hoping for or your child who you’re afraid to let go because you think if you do they’ll turn away and never come back.
Fear is a terrible tool in the hand of the enemy. If we keep holding on out of fear than that thing, whatever it is has become an unhealthy idol in our life. Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t live without it and we wonder how we could ever make it if we actually do let go.
As I let go, God started to go somewhere deep in me. Somewhere painful, because He was exposing deeply embedded lies and things I had held onto for my own worth and identity.
I know you love your child, but you’ve got to let them go. The tighter you hang on the more stress you bring into your life and theirs. I know you love that job, but it doesn’t define you if God is asking you to let it go its because He wants to bless you with something different. I know you love that vice, but its only hurting you and you know it. I know that dream you have has been something that you’ve long for nearly all your life, but maybe God wants to be a new vision inside of you.
Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son because he trusted God. Can I be really honest? For a long time, I didn’t trust God with what He eventually asked me to give up. I thought if I gave it up nothing better would ever come, but can I just tell you, that was such a lie. Not only have I gained so much more of Christ, but God is unfolding a plan much more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed.
Be encouraged today that you can trust God. No, really, you can. I’m telling you, I’ve found Him to be trustworthy, loving and faithful. I hope that you can find the strength to lay your Isaac down too. God will bless you for it if you do.
Lord, I trust you. Finally, I really do trust you. What a journey you and I have been on. Thank you for taking me to deep places in my heart that desperately needed your renovation. Abba, be my joy today, I pray, Amen.

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